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Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce


Terms & Conditions of Membership

Terms & Conditions

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce are a UK Limited Company registered under Company Number 08257883, with its Registered Office: c/o Taylorcocks, 26-32 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH8 8EZ.


Membership Applications  Application for membership of the Chamber (referred to as the ‘Company’) is open to all individual persons, companies, charities and unincorporated bodies actively engaged in business in the Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole (‘BCP’) and surrounding areas.

All applications for membership are referred to the Executive Committee for approval.

The Executive Committee may, at their absolute discretion, refuse to accept any application for membership to the Company.  No reason is required for refusal.


Membership Voting Rights  All members are entitled to one vote at general meetings (unless otherwise stated herein).

Each member, not being an individual, has the right to appoint one representative at any time by giving notice in writing to the Company and may cancel the appointment and appoint another instead. Each such member must confirm the name of its representative at the company’s request. The representative has the right to attend and to vote at general meetings of the Company and any vote given shall be valid unless prior to the vote the Company receives written notice ending the representative’s authority.


Membership Subscriptions  Every member of the Company (save where specifically excluded) shall pay an annual subscription to the Company at such rate as the Company determines at the Annual General Meeting.

All subscriptions are rolling subscriptions and an invoice will be sent to each member by the Company Secretary and/or automated invoice from the website. No member of the Company shall be entitled to vote at a general meeting of the Company if that member has outstanding subscription arrears.


Membership and Termination of Membership  A member stops being a member of the Company:

    • if the member resigns from the membership by giving notice in writing to the Company; or
    • if any member has arrears of subscriptions of more than 14 days after the renewal date; or
    • if any member has arrears of subscriptions outstanding at the date of the Annual General Meeting of the Company then, subject to the exercise of the discretion of the Executive Committee, membership of the Company shall automatically cease.

However, the Executive Committee may make a resolution allowing anyone no longer eligible for membership to remain a member on such terms as it thinks fit.

The Executive Committee may suspend or terminate the rights of any member by giving him or her notice in writing of the suspension or termination and will provide reasons.

Within 14 days of receiving that notice the member can send or make an appeal in writing to the Company against the suspension by emailing with details of the reasons for the appeal.

If no appeal is received, the member will automatically stop being a member and their membership and personal information will be delated/amended in accordance with the Company’s Privacy Policy.

If an appeal is received within the time limit, the suspension will be reviewed by at least three members of the Executive Committee (of which at least one member will be the President). An Appeal Meeting will be organised (either in person, online or via phone) if appropriate to do so, where the Member will be invited to discuss the reason for the appeal. The member can be accompanied at any appeal meeting by a friend or colleague.

Following the appeal meeting, an outcome will be communicated to the member.  This communication will either be in support of the suspension/termination or the lifting of it and will not be subject to any further appeal.

The outcome of any appeal hearing will be registered in the minutes of Board meetings following the appeal meeting.


Other Information  Every member of the Company agrees to contribute to the Company, the sum of £1 or any smaller amount required if:

    • The Company is wound up while he or she is a member or within a year afterwards or if
    • The Company has debts and liabilities which it cannot meet out of its assets.

The Company reserve the right to amend, change or update its terms of membership which should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Articles of Association.  Where there are differences between the two, the terms of the document with the most recent update will prevail.

 This document was updated in November 2020.