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Businesses urged to back new trading district initiative aimed at putting Wallisdown on map

A new initiative has seen the establishment of  a Wallisdown Trading District aimed at revving up the area and increasing footfall.

As part of the government’s plans to support the high street post-Covid, Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce (BCTC) has been awarded a one-off grant to re-develop, or launch, trading districts within specific chosen areas.

Jacqui Rock, BCTC President, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to support businesses that are not currently part of the local BID campaigns, helping them create exciting synergy together and developing the area.

“We decided to start with Wallisdown, as it is a busy through route.

“Once we started delving into meeting businesses, there are some great dynamic young business owners with wonderful ideas who are keen to put Wallisdown on the map and get this off the ground.

“The official team to lead the Wallisdown Trading District is currently being finalised.

“However, we are thrilled to confirm that Emily Dillon, Founder and Owner of The Venue Beauty Salon, Wallisdown branch, will take the role of Chair with Kiera Lockett, Owner of Lockett Fuel as Vice Chair.”

Jacqui, pictured left, added: “We urge businesses in Wallisdown to support this initiative and develop a community of like-minded businesses and professionals all based in the same geographical area.

“Without the area working together we simply cannot develop this, and it is such a fantastic opportunity to use this one-off funding to help Wallisdown thrive.

“Businesses have been keen to engage with us so now is the time to act and get involved.”

Wendy King, BCTC Trade Group Liaison Officer, said: “Meeting local businesses in Wallisdown and seeing how they are really keen to work together to improve the area and put Wallisdown back on the map is inspirational.

“We have some very enthusiastic individuals on board to make this happen.”

The first official meeting to review how businesses would like to see the funding allocated will take place on Wednesday October 13.

Businesses are encouraged to contact Wendy for more information at or phone 07747 147781.