Promotional Opportunities

For over 100 years, Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce has served as a leading voice of business in our community. What started out as only a few businesses is now over a hundred businesses strong, ranging from all different types and sizes.

As a voluntary organisation who thrives on providing business leadership in Bournemouth, your help ensures innovative and effective programs and services to guide businesses in the heart of our BCP conurbation by advocating for, educating, providing networking opportunities, and promoting our enterprises. Your sponsorship contributions start from just £100 and will be reinvested into the Chamber to support the operations of assisting our business community.

Sponsor an Event

Every business in the market wants to create an image of success and authority. But it’s not very easy when you are competing with the large, already established companies. Through event sponsorship you can leverage the power of credibility.

Sponsoring a BCTC event brings your business in the limelight with Brand Visibility. The event you sponsor puts your business in front of the BCP audience and gets you a lot of mention in the social media and press. The bigger the event, the bigger the reach.

You will reach a large population at one place. You get to meet your target audience and approach them all under one roof for Lead Generation. The event organisers also provide a list of attendees which you can use for email marketing.

Event sponsorship is a way to show that your business supports a cause or mission and takes on Social Responsibility, which your customers are passionate about. It helps you to build an image in the society and connect with customers on an emotional front.

It gives you a lot of Content for ramping up your strategies. These events put your brand name on every possible social media platform including BCTC’s official website boosting your reach on Social Media Marketing.

Newsletter Banner

Our online monthly BCTC Newsletter is just £30 per banner per month. To take advantage of this offer, please email your interest to